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“GG” is my nickname and it is the name of a mannequin (doll) that I painted for a show.

Officially it all started when a friend of mine and her family started calling me GG (GiGi)

“By Paris”, because Paris is my dreamed city. I felt in love with Paris the very first time I went there. 

Who knew that years later I was going to be living in there right a few steps from the Eiffel Tower.

 The one and only “Iron Lady”

I guess a new me started in Paris. A new woman that always believed in her dreams although there were a lot of things along the way that would make me think I was wrong. That it would be impossible.

But here we come “GG by Paris” so versatile like the times we are living in.

So colorful like Nature. Like what I love, life itself. Fearless GG.

I’m very grateful to count with an amazing group of people that have the same vision, and that trust in GG, so we can bring to you little by little what we create. Be patient, like ourselves, we are uploading images of the collections and making this site little by little with lots of love.

These are my own paintings, Griselda Lechini Art, printed in high quality clothes and accessories.

As you can see, it is all about colors and Nature. 

We love what we do and we love to share it with you.

Hope you can feel it. 

Feel loved, feel protected, feel that we are there with you.


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